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Saturday, 28-Apr-2007 04:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my recent adventures ..... cheesecake, masak kuzi , ketupat??

Masak kuzi
Fake Ketupat??
I made masak kuzi tu ... yummmmm ... really excellent. i ate with rice then next 2 days, with roti canai. Loooooove it. My sister (Zana/Ros) sent the spice that our mak made. much appreciated.

My cheesecake tu turned out really great - eventhough i had problems whilst making it. was clumsy so spilled the eggs all over the table. Actually i was feeling irritable cos i asked my hubby to help mix the cheese (cos i don't want to hurt my arm) but he wasn't doing it the right way so i was getting angry. In the end i had to put the cheese mixture in the blender ..... alhmdulillah, everything came together at the end.

And yesterday ... i went back to Indonesian shop n saw ketupat. got very excited and bought 1 pack. on pack has photo of ketupat in daun palas? but when i opened the pack, it was wrapped in plastic. i was disappointed ... but cooked some anyway. taste? .... more like lopes. i ate with kaya - cos have no rendang or curry. will make curry tonight.

Zana - for cheesecake tu i just used your tartlet resipi, cos i was lazy....intead of making individual tarts i just make 1 big cheesecake. sedaaaaap nye!!!!

Tuesday, 17-Apr-2007 13:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dishes that I cooked last week .....

Jam sponge yg keras n sweet ...
Kway teow ... yummmmm
Tart nenas yum yum
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These are the dishes that i cooked over the 2 week ..... no .. that's not all i cooked, these are the special dishes. i don't take fotos of the everyday meals .... actually, i didn't cook too much last week, cos i was feeling very tired.

I will put the recipes here another day.

Tuesday, 20-Mar-2007 09:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark

All the guests
Yasmin - She's soooo animated ...
What r they talking about??
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On Sunday we had out first and only BBQ this summer. Basically just with family n their friends. It started out a bit slow ... cos my daughter n b/friend and their drivers (another couple) was very very very late. But in the end it was a very good day ... everyone enjoyed it. Loved the food and were asking when they could come back for more .... here's just some of the fotos.

This baby is Jhan, who is such a good baby. Wasn't afraid of anybody and didn't make a fuss ... until he fell over (trying to turn on the garden tap) n hurt his forehead. After that he wasn't in a very good mood for a while.

With my youngest son, Anton - having fun playing with the ??? ball.

With his dad, Iskandar, who is Malaysian but grew up in Australia.

Jhan with my older son, Dion.

Playing with mummy's mobile phone.

Some of the food that was left halfway through the day . .... I forgot to take photos of the food till later ...

Made onde onde?? at the last minute cos my daughter .....Yasmin, was complaining i haven't cooked it for a very long time n she was craving it. Was surprised that even the people who's never had it before (or know what it is) .... loved it.

Zana: Isn't that what they call it now??? U know what I call it here? Coconut balls ....hehehe. I just remembered something ... I still haven't made ... what is it called again?? ... the balls with the kacang hijau flour on the outside..... Baby tu .. 1/2 malaysian n half New Zealander... that's why lah, sooo chomelllll.

Saturday, 17-Mar-2007 10:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Cheesecake tarts & abok abok

Abok abok
Cheesecake tarts
Yesterday - i dah la made the cheesecake tarts?? - tapi rupa nye tak cantek macam Zana's and other fotopages contributors. tak apa lah .. as long as the taste is good.

the top tu cracked pulak ... i think maybe i baked it a bit too long.

Today i went shopping for the BBQ we're having (tomorrow) n found lots of kuih kuih so bought 2 packs. i shouldn't really cos i'm on (sort of) a diet - but have been rather unsuccessful cos i can't control my eating habits!!!! here in Oz they would say i'm on a ..... "seeee food (like seafood)" diet.

Zana: Cassava cake tu is bengka ubi kayuuuuu. It's much easier to buy n only cost $2 for 4 slices. Veeeeery soft - not like mine, which is always hard n not cooked all the way, but i prefer the taste of my one. Abok abok sagu tu is easy to make but still much easier to buy n I prefer the gula merah one to the pandan. This way I don't eat too much ... only what I bought. We can get quite a few varities of kuih2 at the the chinese grocery shops, some of them ....... I have no idea what they are!!!!.

Thursday, 15-Mar-2007 09:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
More food ....

Kuih Loyang
Pepperoni n vegetable pizza
The other day i was going through my recipes n found one of kuih loyang n since than I've been craving it. so today (though it was a hot day) i made it. the recipe is used wasn't correct - too much liquid so it was too watery n i had to keep adding more n more flour to get the right consistency. to make matters worse, the acuan also was tsiking very badly. i nearly gave up altogether - but after about 10 kuih, it was ok. i stopped after 20, then sat down and ate n ate. i still have a looooot of mixture left, so will make more tomorrow.

Then for dinner, just made pizza using readymade pizza base. I like to make my own base but sometimes lazy - takes too much time.

My youngest son Anton likes pizza with lots of cheese n sauce - that's why you can't see anything else .....

Zana: Hmmmm ... `mentadak` - that's what they're called - i totally forgot. dia tu was sitting on one of my pot plant in the backyard... we've seen quite a few over the years, mostly young ones. very good pose hey? maybe this one is a model ...hehehe

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